Photo and Film Shoots

The Huntsville Cider House A-Frame is an ideal location for your next product or brand shoot. Mature fir trees provide a campy vibe that creates the impression you are nestled far away from civilization. Meanwhile, access is just 50 minutes from Salt Lake International Airport, all on paved, multi-lane roads and highways with no intimidating mountain roads or passes. There is a hotel and two bed and breakfasts within a mile for overflow staff. 

Our rustic, mid-century decor and design will compliment your product without distracting from it. Huntsville is also central to several outdoor activities that can help augment your photo catalog, including more than 100 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, two reservoirs, cross-country and backcountry skiing, and three ski resorts. Shooting some of these activities may require special permission (the two lakes and many of the trails are on U.S. National Forest land and require a permit for commercial shoots), which we can help coordinate. 

Owners Derek and Jenny Taylor are both veterans of the outdoor sports industry, and live in the adjacent property. While we are not here to manage or watch over your shoot, we have intimate knowledge of what it takes to produce quality footage and imagery. As such, we are able to help ease the process in ways perhaps another property owner may not. We are also willing to sign any applicable NDAs. 

Rates are dependent on planned distribution and whether or not there is a need for category exclusivity. Please contact us via email for more information:

In addition to the amazing home and location, we have access to several props and accessories that may be useful in your content creation. All amenities are supplied for no additional charge.  These include: 

Vintage 1961 Airstream Bambi

This was the first year Airstream manufactured this iconic 16-foot camping trailer. Only a limited number were made, guaranteeing that your imagery will be unique. The trailer is small enough to move around the property. 

Apple Picking and Pressing

pressing apples in the fall of 2020

Items include a retro hand press and apple grinder, pole picker, bags, and baskets. 

Firewood Cutting

Items include a Logosol Smart Splitter manual wood splitter, two mauls, axes, two 18-inch chainsaws—one electric, one gas, and a Woodchuck firewood hauler. Depending on the season, cut logs or rounds may be available. 

Weltevree Dutchtub Wood-fired Hot Tub

This unique and difficult-to-find wood-heated hot tub is relatively lightweight when empty, so it can be placed in the ideal location for your imagery. 

1991 Ford F250 Work Truck

She’s not much to look at, which is exactly what makes this former City of Ogden work truck authentic. 

Classic Bicycles

An early 1970s Schwinn Hollywood, 1980s Schwinn Collegiate and a Sears Roebuck adult tricycle of undetermined era.

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